Stay creative

Whatever is happening in your life at the moment, you should never stop creating and feeling good about it. If you’re like me and you’re in love in photography, nothing can hold you back, nothing can stop you from pursuing your dream. You shouldn’t let anyone dictate your daily routine, what you should and shouldn’t do. Always follow your heart and let your heart guide you to the infinity and beyond. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t and don’t expect support from anyone. Love yourself and believe that you can! That’s the only thing that counts.

Don’t get lost in the middle and If you do, find your way out thru art or doing what you love doing.

I love this kind of weekends when I’m trying to catch morning light and all that beauty within. You can just feel it in the air, that special joy… The moment when my mind is calm and silent.

This is my escape world, my runaway path…freedom.

She was the kind of girl

who was a chaos of contradictions from one second to the next,

for her mind was never free.

Nikita Gill, Your Soul is a River



Stay creative and find joy in little moments.